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We Help Diesel Pickup Repair Shops Fill Up Their Parking Lots and Drive Their Competition Crazy.

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It All Started

After making our name with marketing services focused on German & European auto repair shops. We had a client approach us who also wanted to start a Diesel Pickup repair shop in addition to his Euro shop and asked us to help him get it off the ground. They started with nothing but a location and a domain name.

At This Point

We knew we were on to something, so we started reaching out to other Diesel shops and we were able to help them significantly increase their business as well.

There Was No Doubt

We had found our new niche so we started marketing strictly to Diesel Pickup Repair shops across the country and helping them grow their business with online marketing.

And Now, Here We Are

We have a 90% customer retention rate and a list of longtime clients who continue to place their trust in our services.

Our Business

Is based on building long term relationships through personalized service, transparency and ultimately getting real results for all of our clients!